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Giles Life Saving and Rescue Squad was organized in 1945.  We are a total volunteer organization serving the citizens of Giles County,  



Members of the Giles Rescue Squad are proud of the first 65 years of history, but are excited at the things that the next 65 years will bring. 




Basic medical training in the beginning was taught by the American Red Cross using Standard and Advanced First Aid.  Paramedic training today requires over five hundred hours of classroom knowledge and hands on skills training.




Basic medical treatment in the past years consisted on controlling bleeding and assisting with breathing difficulty.  Today, Paramedics with Giles Rescue can perform advanced airway maneuvers, defibrillation of the heart, needle decompressions of the chest, and administer IV fluids and drugs and stabilize damage caused by internal trauma. 




From its formation through the early 70’s, Giles Rescue Squad members were called to provide assistance by sheriff’s office dispatchers using existing telephone services.  The dispatcher sometimes would have to make several calls in order to get two or three members to answer the calls for help.  Beginning around 1973, Giles Rescue Squad purchased and installed in the Giles County Sheriff’s Department, a pager system that allowed instant notification to all Giles Rescue Squad members at a single tone.  




Originally, Giles Rescue provided only basic medical and rescue services to the citizens of the county.  Over the past 65 years, Giles Rescue has progressed with the addition of Advanced Life Support procedures, Advanced Water Rescue procedures, and Advanced Mountain Search and Rescue techniques.




Formed in September of 1945, the Giles Lifesaving and Rescue Squad, Inc. has been providing medical and rescue services for the citizens of Giles County around the clock, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.  Originally staffed by 12 local community leaders and receiving their first ambulance and crash truck from Celanese Corp., the Giles Rescue Squad now houses 50+ members, five ambulances, a light duty crash truck and three water rescue crafts.





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It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Steve Davis.

Steve joined the Giles County Life Saving and Rescue Squad when he was fifteen years old and served faithfully for over fifty years. He was a lifetime member and Hall of Fame member of the VAVRS. As a youth he was baptized into the Christian faith in Narrows. He was retired from the Celanese Plant and The State of Virginia Health Dept, was a member of the Celco Fire Brigade and Giles County Hazmat Team.

We ask that you keep the family and our crew in your thoughts and prayers as we move through this difficult time.

Rest In Peace Steve, we’ll take it from here.

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